Have An Older Car? How To Determine If You Should Sell It Privately Or Junk It For Cash

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After a while, keeping an older car on your property can become a problem. The vehicle could eventually look like an eyesore to your neighbors and someone might decide to take some sort of action in order to get the car out of the neighborhood. Before a situation like this happens, it's best to fix the issue on your own. You'll need to decide if you should list the car as a private seller or if you should junk the car and get cash for the auto parts. It's a tough situation because both have significant advantages. Use the following information to decide which route will work best for your older vehicle.

Does The Car Still Run?

The number one factor you should consider when trying to determine whether to junk or sell your car can be summed up in a single question:  "Does the car still run?"This is an important question that can make it much easier for you to come to a sound decision.

A car that still runs can be very valuable to someone who needs one. It may even be that there really isn't anything wrong with the automobile; you simply purchased a newer model and the old version fell by the wayside. If the car is paid off and in good condition, you might be able to fetch a pretty penny for it.

If the car is not road worthy but still has some auto parts or systems that work correctly, you likely stand to make more money by junking the entire thing for cash. It just wouldn't make sense to try to fix an old car so you can sell it. You will probably lose more money than you'll make.

Are The Parts In Popular Demand?

When you're out on the road, take a look at the cars around you. Notice which cars seem to come up consistently no matter where you go. These are the vehicles which are in popular demand. If your older car is the same make and model as an automobile that customers like, you might want to sell the parts. Because the car is so popular your parts might be worth a lot more than what you would get if you tried to sell a late model car on as a single unit.

Regardless of which route you take you need to know that you have options. Compare and contrast the alternatives and see which one works for you.