Three Steps To Starting A Classic Car Shop

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Owners and appreciators of classic cars are know how difficult it can be to find parts for the automobiles that they love. If you are well versed in classic cars, and you have had some experience in restoring or working on these vehicles, you should consider opening up a classic car shop. Both on the internet and in person, people need a place to go to for classic car parts and advice. Here are three steps to starting your own classic car shop as a mechanic:

Roam salvage yards

Salvage yards are the perfect place to find classic cars and cars that match with classic parts. Older cars are often shipped off to salvage yards when they do not fetch buyers and when they are not able to drive any longer. Roam through every salvage yard in your city and those that you can get to near classic car meetups. Purchase entire classic cars that you find on the lot so that you can salvage any and all parts of the vehicle. 

Give it classic decor

If you plan to open up a shop, there is nothing better than sticking to one theme. Decorate your shop with an old 50's or before theme. Aside from the up to date car repair materials, the posters, flooring, and cashier area can have vintage decorations. The decor will not only make your shop stand out, but it will advertise the types of cars that you work on. If you have cars that are for sale or the shell of inoperable cars, these should be placed in the front of your shop. They may attract buyers, and they will attract those who love and own classic vehicles. 

Drive around your first classic build

One of the best advertising steps that you can take to a classic car shop is to invest in your own daily driver project. Build a classic car that you can drive around on a regular basis. A classic car of your own will be the perfect billboard for your business. On the side of your classic car, have a magnet for your business with your company name and contact information placed on the side. People who are curious about the make and model of your car will take down your information. Those who immediately recognize your car will give you a call to find out which services you can offer them in their own classic vehicle.