It's A Glass: Tips For Finding Replacement Glass

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Whether it's a rock chip in your windshield or a busted-out side window, seeing your car's glass ruined is always a downer. If your insurance doesn't cover window repair or if you need glass that's difficult to find brand new, your best and least expensive bet is to source your glass from your local auto salvage yard.

Here are a few things to remember as you comb the junkyards in search of your replacement glass.

Know What to Look For

The toughest part about finding parts for any vehicle is making sure the parts match the right vehicle. Some cars may use interchangeable parts throughout a specific model run. Others may use several different variations of the same part during the run. Some vehicles may have parts that are specific to a certain year or a particular model.

As with any part, you can run into these issues as you comb the junkyards for your replacement glass. Before you get started, do some online research about the glass used for your specific vehicle. In some cases, the glass you need may be shared between a broad range of models. Some junkyards maintain an online database that makes it much easier to find the exact part you need.

Choose Your Glass Wisely

When you find your auto glass, you'll want to make sure it's in good shape. Keep these tips in mind as you carefully inspect your potential purchase.

Handle With Care

Once you've found the right glass for your vehicle, exercise care as you remove it from the donor vehicle. Carefully study how to remove the glass, since not following the right procedures could result in a broken window.

Avoid prying the window with your screwdriver or crowbar unless it's absolutely necessary. Even then, take plenty of precaution to avoid scratching or breaking the glass. Fortunately, some junkyards offer assistance with removing auto parts.

It also helps to purchase brand-new gaskets for the windows you plan on reusing. The old gaskets may be too worn out or damaged to be of any future use. Using fresh gaskets also ensures a proper fit and a good seal when replacing your windows.

For more information about auto parts for cars, contact a local company.